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My name is Ingrid Turner, and I help you live in partnership with Spirit.  I’m a psychic, spiritual medium, and spiritual guide. It is my deepest honor to facilitate communication between you and Divine Spirit, and help guide you to strengthen your own intimate connection with Spirit.
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How all this works.

As a Psychic, I am able to tune in to Universal consciousness and glean messages for you to assist in your daily life. I receive these messages through all my senses. I relay what I am seeing, hearing, feeling, and even smelling, and provide my interpretation of the message for you.

As a Spiritual Medium, we go deep and far out. I will pull in spirit guides, spiritual energies, loved ones, and whoever else needs to connect with you to help you expand into your highest expression, your brightest authenticity, your soul mission.

As a Spiritual Guide, I work in partnership with spirit to help you connect directly and intimately with your own spirit guides, spiritual energies, departed loved ones, animal totems, and more. We start where you are, building a foundation in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms so you can reach out and touch infinity.

I weave these spiritual modalities together, and let Spirit the show me your highest potential, your best self, which I reflect back to you, so that you can live in your highest truth.

Feeding the Mind, Body, Spirit Retreat Sept 2017

Holla at you, ravishing ladies of the world!

We are 3 who got bored as fu&$ with our lives. So we changed, and now each of us is a smiling, thriving, hard-workin’ free wheelin’ mama sita, livin’ the dream and expanding beyond our wildest expectations reality. Since you, too, are bored out of your ever-lovin’ mind, we know we’re needed to come back and point others toward their own bad-assery and authenticity. We’re braiding together our skills in mind, body, and spirit, and hosting a no-boys-allowed weekend getaway in pristine Soda Springs, CA this September.

You’ve got to let us tell you more. Click the link for the full story, and to stay in the loop with us.


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