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I’m Ingrid Turner, and I am so pleased to meet you today. I am a minister, spiritual channel, psychic medium, author, and spiritual teacher. I partner with divine spirit to help you re-align with your power and take ownership of your present life, releasing the grip of shame and trauma. I am here elevating the consciousness of the planet by freeing one beautiful soul at a time from the entrapment of shame, guilt, trauma, and low self worth. Learn more about my Soulmatic Renewal work.

You just don’t have to live there anymore.

I’m a gifted psychic medium, a faithful channel for divine spirit, and an excellent teacher. I have a knack for making the esoteric accessible, and I can help you ferret out your natural spiritual, psychic, and healing gifts, and then create a lifestyle around those gifts.

I love to see you soar in partnership with spirit.

Retreats with Ingrid 2020

Soulmatic Maui

Maui, HI
May 2020

The Soulmatic Renewal Intensive + Retreat is unique in that we preclude our long weekend in Maui with 4 weeks of one-on-one soul soulmatic renewal work and small group work.

The deep work we do together means that you can spend the long weekend in Maui integrating your healing experiences, breaking open with a community you already feel safe with, and rejuvenating completely and totally.

Transformation Through Restoration

Victoria, BC
September 2020

It is my absolute honor to partner with one of the most amazing humans on the planet to facilitate this deeply nourishing experience for you: Monika Carless.

This retreat is your opportunity to return to Self, remember the Wild Woman within, soften into your soul-space and rest deeply among a sacred circle of women who just like you, seek embodiment and purpose.


Monthly Intensives

20/20 Vision for Your 2020 Mission

Grass Valley, CA

Myself and Kerry Romano Zall are parterning up for the mission-focused souls who can feel that this is the year. For people who will settle for nothing less than their passion. The entrepreneur who will not submit to Corporate. The actor who will not get a sensible job. The artist who will not paint houses instead of murals. The writer who requires wild fantasy over technical droll.

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Vedic Astrology Basics

4 weeks in Feb, online

Vedic Astrology houses the secrets of ancient Hindus divination.

By the end of this course, you will be able to read a Vedic astrology chart and blow the socks off your friends who give up their birth info.

Course takeaways: North Indian Vedic chart, houses, the planets and nodes, Zodiac signs, Mahadashas, predictive astrology

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All Events with Ingrid

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Experiences with Ingrid

I have been blessed to work with people all over the world. Here are a few kind words about me and my work.

“It’s a total pleasure watching you do what you do withy such passion and enthusiasm. What a gift your presence is to those that you and to the world at large. I have tremendous respect for your position as the eyes, eats, and mouth of multi-dimensions.”
– Chris L.

“Your channeling circle today was just so inspiring. Thank you for all you do.”
Lenda D.

“After the reading, I really feel very humble. You opened my ind to a new world. I am still amazing at the beautiful session we had. Thank you again! I am overwhelmed, happy…so many emotions and more than anything, a sense of peace. Thank you a million ties. I am so grateful to you, it has been a wonderful experience. Still digesting everything. Certainly, my world has changed.”
– Tonia B.

“I had a personal reading, incredible that it should line up exactly where I am. What a gift this woman has, gave me a lot of clarity on how to move forward.”
– Lizzy B.

“Ingrid is the real deal. A powerful, loving, compassionate teacher of wisdom and a clear and open channel of healing acceptance and integrity. It has been one of the great joys of my life to connect with this woman and to work with her and to become friends and simply trying to keep up with her energy and her vision and all the inspiration that flows through her. If you’re looking for support, healing inspiration, and for the opportunity to be of greater service, your search has ended!”
– Lou M.

“I had an amazing session with Ingrid Turner yesterday. She is soooooooo good. I love how she holds space for you to step back and truly witness yourself. I love how she holds a mirror, and in the most loving way possible, calls you out on your stuff. I love how she guides you away from “story” and moved you back into feeling the emotion, and then helps you pull the energy and identify where it lands in your body. When we first began our session, I was in outer space. By the time we finished, I had cried, purged, and truly felt identified (without creating the story) and was completely grounded – rooted in – and back in my body. I felt whole.”
– Mary G.

“I am 65 and have gone to a few people for readings of cards, past lives, info on soul groups, and more. This woman is the most informative person I have seen. She gets straight to the point and doesn’t filter any information through her own views or personality. All info I received was completely accurate. She has a kindness that comes straight from her heart. She has direct contact with her guides and your guides.
– Joy W.

“I am thankful for the healing session I scheduled with Ingrid. An amazing transformation that has me more grounded than ever before and yet, has inspired me to seek new spiritual heights. I feel different. And I like that.”
– Zafira A.

“Ingrid Turner is the real deal. Go give her a follow and consider attending one of her gatherings. You will not be disappointed. She will shake you up, in the best way possible ”
~ Sadie B.

Work with Ingrid


I work with you as a spiritual channel, a healing coach, and a spiritual guide. Whatever the primary focus is for you, you get me from all angles any way you slice it. Divine spirit’s laser focus on you makes for rapid advancement in your chosen arena.

One-on-One Package

Bhava Ministry

If you feel called for a life working in the realm of healing, psychic work, or spiritual teaching, the Bhava Ministry will provide you with what you need to be successful, fulfilled, and prominent in your spiritual authority.

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Group Work

I host regular online intensives covering wellness and empowerment throughout the year, and I facilitate several destination retreats per year focused on redesigning your life to live in partnership with spirit.

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