June Class Series

Who’s got a love for Tarot?! If you do, you need to join me for the next four weeks to dive deep into INTUITIVE Tarot. Most people learn Tarot with their head alone. I’m going to show you how to read the Tarot intuitively. This means you learn the cards, the symbolism, but you also come away from this class understanding how to access your intuition, which will supercharge your card readings.

At the end of this course, you’ll have more confidence in yourself, trust in your intuition, and true ability in your Tarot readings. If you want to, you’ll have no blocks to reading Tarot professionally.

During this class, I take you through each card, into the symbolism, and then enable you to powerfully reach in and use your own intuition.

Not to be missed! That’s why I’m only charging $44 for the entire series – that’s $11 a class! Help make it worthwhile for all of us. Sign up, and bring your friends. These things are always even more fun with your tribe. 🙂

If you want to take this class, there’s nothing stopping you, except perhaps a little fear of your power. Check this out:

– It’s all online – you can from anywhere, by video or by phone
– You don’t need to attend every live class – or heck, ANY live class. All classes are recorded and sent out after.
– I’m available for Q&A any time – not just during class time. I love this stuff. Bug me any time!

Ok, so let’s do this! Just over a week until class launch, so register right now.

Testimonials from Classes

“This class is an easy-to-follow and fun pathway into the intricate and provocative art of communication with ones self and others through Tarot interpretation. I’ve gotten so much insight and information from Ingrid’s clear and intuitive teaching. I recommend this class to all!”

Patricia, Nevada City, CA – Beginners Tarot Workshop

“Thank you Ingrid for another amazing, insightful class! I can’t wait for the next one! I definitely recommend anyone that can get into her class…do so!”

Heidi, Sacramento, CA – Beginners Tarot Workshop

“When I first heard about Ingrid’s Past Life Regression workshop, I was skeptical. Having been to “psychics” in the past who were only in it for the money, I was reticent to attend. But I know Ingrid, and she has always been forthright and honest with me, so I decided to give the workshop a try. Wow! Was I in for a treat!!”

Dr. Claire Anne, Los Angeles, CA – Past Life Regression Workshop

“This was a great class, great friends, new friends, and a talented and stimulating teacher!”

Karen, Nevada City, CA – Beginners Tarot Workshop

“Ingrid is a wonderful teacher! I feel so confident and comfortable all ready to give readings. Thank you!”

Tara, Nevada City, CA – Beginners Tarot Workshop


“Thank you for the class, Ingrid. You’re really good at this. I so much appreciate the competence and insight and warmth of your teaching!”

Ursula F., Nevada City, CA – Intuitive Tarot Workshop