Book me for a reading

I dedicate Mondays to Spirit work. This ensures that one hundred percent of my spiritual attention is directed for you. Book a session with me for readings, channeling, energy work, and spiritual guidance.

Absolutely cannot do Monday?
I can arrange another time with you during the week for the regular reading price plus 15%.

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What to expect

My sessions are always evolving, and each is individual to the person sitting with me, so no two are alike.  I am a psychic, a channel, a medium, and a healer, so I’ll connect any way the Spirit comes through.  I don’t control the information flow, I get out of the way and let Spirit do its thing.

I will start our session by tuning in to your energy, and the energies around you, and bring through the messages that are asking to be delivered through me. I will follow Spirit’s direction during our time together, sometimes bringing through exercises and healing. Once Spirit has delivered the messages and directions, I open up our time together for your questions. Nothing is off limits: some psychics and mediums don’t like to answer certain types of questions, but that is not my agreement with divine Spirit. If I get information, I give it to you.

I take this divine work seriously. I am deeply, deeply honored to be your channel, your healer, and your teacher. You can depend completely on my compassion, discretion, and confidence.

Preparing for your session

  • Write down your questions ahead of time
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol or consuming substances at least 24 hours before our session
  • Stay open to Spirit’s message for YOU, darling
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