Book me for a reading

I dedicate Mondays to readings. This ensures that one hundred percent of my spiritual attention is directed for you.

Absolutely cannot do Monday?
I can arrange another time with you during the week for the regular reading price plus 15%. Email me to make arrangements.

What to expect

My readings are always evolving, and each is individual to the person sitting with me, so no two are alike.  I am a psychic and a channel, so I’ll connect any way the messages comes through.  I don’t control the information flow, I get out of the way and let Spirit do its thing.

I will start the reading by tuning in to your energy, and the energies around you, and bring through the message and visitors that are asking to be delivered through me.  After I have delivered Spirit’s message to you, the time is yours to ask me anything you want. Nothing is off limits.

I take this divine work seriously. I am deeply, deeply honored to be your channel, and you can depend completely on my compassion, discretion, and confidence.

Preparing for your reading

You are free to record your reading or take notes.  I recommend writing down your questions ahead of time. Be open.

Buy 3 readings at once and save $140!

If you know you’ll want more readings, or you’d like to gift readings to a friend, here’s an opportunity to purchase readings from me up front, and save money!

Not exactly what you want, but close? Just contact me, and I’m happy to work with you on a custom bundle that suits your needs.

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Gift a Reading

You can gift a reading with me, and it never expires. Send it via email, or print it out.

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