Spiritual Guidance Program

My spiritual programs are for out-of-the-box seekers: you spiritual beings roaming the planet, feeling the pull of the divine, and expressing it in your own weird, unique beauty.

I applaud you!

group hands feetAnd I want to work with you.

My program starts where you are, covering body, mind, and Spirit. We move through diet, exercise, grounding, meditation, and intuition
development, getting you to a place to serenity, divine connection with Spirit, and a your magnificent authenticity.

People who have worked with me have experienced:

  • spiritual breakthroughs
  • learn to communicate with Spirit daily
  • increased sense of well-being
  • became clear on their purpose
  • learned to interact with and trust their intuition
  • met their own spirit guides and other supportive energies
  • found community and formed solid friendships

DSC_4352How I help you

I don’t work alone. In partnership with divine source, I offer you communion with Spirit. I do not provide a dogma, a teaching, a religion, or a path for you to follow.

I provide parameters and tools to help you communicate more clearly with Spirit

I bring together a group of like-minded beings, with varying methods of Spirit communication and Spiritual expression.

I affirm for you when Spirit communication is happening.

I guide you to trust your own intuition, the source of your truth.

I support and guide you on your journey.

Let’s talk further.

Schedule a half hour chat with me.


Testimonials from the Program

Rocco Pic“Ingrid Turner is an exceptional spiritual medium. In the 8 months I have been working with her she has helped me to reconnect with my spirit guide after traumatic events, channeled hundreds of bits of highly accurate information she couldn’t have possibly known about me, helped me to connect with and reconcile with my dead grandmother just after her passing.” Read more >

Rocco D., New York, NY

lisa fb profile pic“Ingrid’s work offers powerful insight and real impact for positive change, direction and growth. It is offered with a clear eye, compassionate heart and wisdom far beyond her years, which confirms she is tapping in to so much more than just personal experience.” Read more >

Lisa G., Los Angeles, CA