Hello, you.

Iโ€™m Ingrid Turner, and I am so pleased to meet you today. I am a minister, spiritual channel, psychic medium, author, and spiritual teacher. I partner with divine spirit to help you re-align with your power and take ownership of your present life, releasing the grip of shame and trauma. I am here elevating the consciousness of the planet by freeing one beautiful soul at a time from the entrapment of shame, guilt, trauma, and low self worth.

You just donโ€™t have to live there anymore.

Iโ€™m a gifted psychic medium, a faithful channel for divine spirit, and an excellent teacher. I have a knack for making the esoteric accessible, and I can help you ferret out your natural spiritual, psychic, and healing gifts, and then create a lifestyle around those gifts.

I love to see you soar in partnership with spirit.

Kind Words…

I have been blessed to work with amazing humans all over the world. Here are a some really kind things some of these beautiful humans have said about me.

“It’s a total pleasure watching you do what you do with such passion and enthusiasm. What a gift your presence is to the world. I have tremendous respect for your position as the eyes, eats, and mouth of multi-dimensions.”Chris L.
“Ingrid is the real deal. A powerful, loving, compassionate teacher of wisdom and a clear and open channel of healing acceptance and integrity. It has been one of the great joys of my life to connect with this woman. If you’re looking for support, healing inspiration, and for the opportunity to be of greater service, your search has ended!”
Lou Martin
“Ingrid Turner is the real deal. Go give her a follow and consider attending one of her gatherings. You will not be disappointed. She will shake you up, in the best way possible “Sadie B.
Ingridโ€™s work offers powerful insight and real impact for positive change, direction and growth. It is offered with a clear eye, compassionate heart and wisdom. Ingrid is get a treasure trove of riches.

Lisa Greenfield

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