20/20 Vision for Your 2020 Mission

Weekend workshops that will put your “mission accomplished” into overdrive!

Consider it “Mission Accomplished”

We’re here for the mission-focused souls who can feel that this is the year.

For people who will settle for nothing less than their passion.

The entrepreneur who will not submit to Corporate. The actor who will not get a sensible job. The artist who will not paint houses instead of murals. The writer who requires wild fantasy over technical droll.

This is the community for the rainbow sheep who are committed to their work, their art, and their world changing initiatives.

We’re here to help you give your mission the juice it needs to launch you into the stratosphere.

Every crazy successful person understands the importance of energy and mindset in bringing their wild, wild dreams into reality.

A key part of an Olympic athlete’s daily training is to visualize the win.

Mindfulness was a cornerstone to Steve Jobs’ day.

Zig Ziglar says “people say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Vigilance, commitment, and a little woo are the secret ingredients to a savage career.

What to expect during our weekend together

Upon arrival at this stunning Grass Valley Villa (address will be sent to you when you sign up), we’ll meet you where you are planted: with your body, bringing you home to presence.

We’ll radiate out from there, leveraging the power of visualization and physical anchors to bring your dream into reality right away.

From there, we help you connect with Source in a more tangible way, so you can feel the energy of your creations.

We will give you precise training to hone in on your intuition so you never doubt your direction again.

Be prepared for an awakening by the end of our weekend, because we’re going to take you home through all of those energetic and emotional blocks!


Day 1:

  • Body work: meditation and movement
  • Vision books
  • Nourishing lunch
  • Energy play

Day 2:

  • Intuition development
  • Nourishing lunch
  • DMT release breath work
  • Soulmatic Renewal Healing
  • Channeling circle – Spirit messages for everyone

Upcoming Dates in 2020

We host these power-packed events every month.

February 22nd & 23rd – SOLD OUT
March 28th & 29th – Register
April 25th & 26th – Register
May 23rd & 24th

Price for the whole weekend (includes lunch and materials): $495

Are you getting a full body YES?

Check in with yourself. Is it a full body yes?

Feel for the energy that says “I’m ready to change everything.”

Sign up for our March weekend below!

We are so looking forward to fully manifesting your mission with you!


Ingrid & Kerry

Ingrid Turner is a mystic, entrepreneur, author, dynamic leader, teacher, poet, artist, and mother. She is the founder of the Bhava Spiritual Mission.
Kerry Romano Zall lives and breathes positive empowerment. She is the Founder of the Corporate Hippie Connection movement and hosts a weekly show on Nevada County Television.

Outstanding Testimony

“I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t meet Kerry.” – B Ballatore.


“Soulmatic renewal can bring you to a place where magic happens.”
– Harmony P.


“Transformation that will kickstart you to your next level no matter where you feel you are.”
– Ian T.


“I am beyond confident that Ingrid and Soulmatic Renewal can help you facilitate the change you desire. Way beyond.”
– Yvonne M.


“Kerry’s guidance and support has carried me through to my higher potential in so many ways. She helps me stay focused on my personal growth and gives me tools to keep me moving forward.” – Aimee M.


“This program has changed my life in so many ways. My future has become my own and I am making it what I want it to be! Love you Ingrid.”
– Celeste B.


“Ingrid provides a safe space, a sacred container with loving guidance and non judgment which has allowed me to be completely vulnerable and raw so that I could heal at the deepest level.”
– C. Best


“These new practices and skills will help me throughout the rest of my life to be the best person I can be for myself and for my family.” – AM


“I can’t even express the massive changes that have happened in my life since saying yes!”
– Mary R.


“Shown me a new way of being.”
– Rebecca B.


“Kerry has facilitated a big step in my spiritual and physiological growth.” – Bela B.

Soul Food

I was shown how to take my energy out of my head space and turn my energetic attention towards the feeing I want to work with. Prior to this my method was like many others… overthink and work myself into a stress frenzy.

– Nicole H., Seattle, WA.