A Pause

the pauseI have to apologize to you:

For when you kindly included me
Over the Holiday raucous;

‘What have you been up to?’

I’m sorry my voice caught,
While I held your anticipative gaze.

I was trying to reconcile this year
In the few lines you expect from me.

Can I tell you about communing with my SOUL?
Can I share about my God-Heart?

Or about my UN-schooling
In energy and vibration?

Will you stay with me when I tell you,
I’ve been working on letting TIME

…sweep me away with her.

Let me tell you about the visions!
I’ll need miles of canvas to paint those dreams.

Can I explain to you what it feels like,
When the Dead send their love?

Truth be told, friend,
I’ve spent so little time on Earth this year.

I don’t have an answer,
In the box I think you want from me.

So I apologize,
For this awkward lapse in time

While I’m searching for an answer
And wondering if

…you really want to talk about it?

But maybe I can take you dimension hopping one of these days.

And then we’ll really talk about it.

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