The Spirit is formless, the human body the form through which we get to express the physical experiences of the divine.  Ya!  And then we usually need more boxes to put around that so we can grok each other and our collective experiences.

So here are some of mine:

I’m a Spiritual Medium by passion and trade

This means that I use the modalities of psychic and mediumship to express the divine.  It is my deepest honor to facilitate communication between you and divine spirit.  I am able to bridge that gap between the worlds, and I am here to get the hell out of the way so you can heal and grow through connection with divine source. If you’d like to know more, I encourage to book a reading with me and experience it yourself.

I’m a Minister, because Monz told me to

Monz, my spirit guide, visited me one afternoon and gave me such clear and precise direction, I could only say “no.”

He said, “Ingrid, you need to start a church.”


I mean, me? A church? Right, dude.  But he came around again and explained a little further, and ultimately I accepted the mission.  I started the Bhava Spiritual Mission to help people connect directly to the infinite, and learn how to be their own delicious flavor of Spiritual Medium.

I’m an author

Since I was tiny, I’ve loved words and language.  I wrote my first short story  (12 pages!) when I was seven, and I recently published my first book, Locked in Love (bucket list item CHECK!).

I also love poetry, automatic writing, blogging, and sharing my words on social media.

I’m a mama

My experience of motherhood is this: there is a whole side of self that one never gets to know until they become a parent.  My son, born in 2005, introduced me to me, and he keeps doing that!  We’ve been exploring the world as a dynamic duo for years.  Onward!


Ingrid trivia… just for fun

I’m an Aries: I was born on April 8th, 1984.  Coolest birthday ever, because it is the same forward as it is backward: 4/8/84 (if you’re in the States). I was born in a pink cottage, deep in the woods.  There was a midwife.  My parents bartered for services rendered. My childhood was weird.

ingrid on stumpI have four tattoos: and only one has significant meaning.  My tattoos are mostly remnants of bad decision-making in my pre-mom days.  

And you?

I want to know you, hear you, feel you.  I don’t need to see you though.

I’m not weird. I’m passionate.

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