“Acceptance” stands front and center today. At attention. Waiting for orders.

Because that’s the only time we can make any real, lasting, truly beneficial change for ourselves, is when we look at our situation, our relationships, our circumstances, and accept what is completely.

Anything else is running away, and running into the same circumstance in a new package. Often, not that new, lol.

To accept the now allows us to see, without restriction, without bias, what truly is, and then make a brand new decision from our hearts for the very next moment. If we want to.

Acceptance does not mean resignation. No, no, no! Acceptance is simply seeing wholly, rather than the resisting, bargaining, fighting, second guessing we all fall into (because, you know, we’re human and deeply flawed. ALL of us). Once you accept – once you pause long enough to truly see – that’s where your power blooms, baby!

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