An Introduction to Living in Partnership with Spirit

I first coined the term “Living in Partnership with Spirit” when, on a whim, I started a Facebook group of that name. My idea at the time was to connect and collect as many intuitives, healers, mediums, and spiritual seekers as I could in one place. Other than that, I had no plan.

As my group grew, and I grew, I hijacked that name for other projects, because, well, I couldn’t come up with anything else on the spot, and I’m a little lazy about these things.

feet_riverAside from my Facebook group, I host a Living in Partnership with Spirit online show produced by Goldylocks Productions, and I run a Living in Partnership with Spirit spiritual program for groups and individuals. I’m writing a book on the fundamentals of Living in Partnership with Spirit, and now I have that one outlined and I’ve finally started plucking away at it, I already have another one in the series bubbling in the back of my mind.

So you could say that Living in Partnership with Spirit has become the theme for the work and outreach I do, my tagline, and my mission statement all rolled into one. But really, if it resonates, it’s your portal. Because it’s not really mine. Like everything else I do in this work, it’s channeled through me, and not of me.

But what does that phrase “Living in Partnership with Spirit” really mean? I had to really think about it when I started to use it all over my spiritual map. Here’s the best answer I’ve come up with so far (subject to change, and infinitely open to interpretation):

Living in Partnership with Spirit means to commune with the Divine. It means living from a place of feeling and intuition. It means living with less anxiety and more certainty. Ultimately, living in partnership with Spirit means living your highest purpose in this body, on this planet.

Note that I make no mention of spirit communication, mediumship, or channeling in that statement. That is not namasteexclude these things of course, which are perfectly valid and fun ways to live in partnership with Spirit, but to include the many, many individual paths to communication with the divine, and partnership with spirit. Not all of us channel. Not all of us speak to the dead. Not all of us need or want to. It is perfectly valid to communicate with divine spirit in, literally, any way that feels awesome! Prayer, dance, art, music, channeling, writing, meditation, exercise, ancient rituals, divination such as tarot, runes, tea leaves, crystal balls, your own made-up rituals, crystals, plant medicine, shamanism, AA, NA, SA, religion, new age…you name it, as long as it’s in divine intention, it’s valid here!

This is a lifestyle: a loose and free spiritual path that is open to expansion, changes, evolution, and progression. Truly, the goal of Living in Partnership with Spirit is to live in your highest expression, in your authentic self, and from that place, develop your spiritual structure.

And to keep redeveloping it, too! Nothing in Creation is static, and so nothing about the Living in Partnership with Spirit philosophy is rigid or dogmatic. Believe in your intuition, in your prerogative. Believe in what feels right and good to you. Believe in who and what, if anything or anyone, you communicate with. Believe in earth as much as the sky. Believe in changing points of view and shifting beliefs and understanding of the divine structure. Expansion is change, and we love both those things.

You don’t fit in a box, my love. I celebrate that about you. And I know from beautiful experience that Spirit will happily cohabitate with you in the shape of your choosing, cozily rubbing shoulders with you as you make your way in this glorious, physical existence. All you have to do is commit to letting that happen.



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