‘An Offer or a Request as You See Fit’ – a poem

You’re crazy up theredestiny's stars
spinning notes and penning poesy

In all your sultry madness
painting with your messy innards.

It’s required of all the greats
who dictate from Celeste.

I got your love note
doubled me over in a dream.

And I’m happily drowning
In your oceanic depths.

We’ve mingled spirits for a spell
Deep. Palpable. Carnal.

‘Dear God, give me more’
I’ve moaned and moaned.

I love you.
I do. I do.

But there’s an impasse ahead
questions to face.

I’ve got this offer for you
or a request, if you prefer:

Will you run naked with the wolves
by my side through snow and sleet?

I’m bounding toward the edge
for a swan dive off the bluff.

Will you hold my hand
and make it a lovers’ leap?

My sword is drawn
I’ve become the beast.

Will you charge the gates
and match my scream?

Dear love, my soul
will you, will you?

I will be running

and leaping

and baring my teeth

I’ll be banging on gates

and wrestling the deep.

I’ll do it on my own if I must
shaking under destiny’s stars.

But I would accept a little refuge
in your warm, kindred heart.

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