April 2016 Spiritual Energies

Well lovelies, February and March brought big changes for most of us on multiple levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. And with those big changes can come a very busy mind.

Here’s one of my favorite “mind” quotes:

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master” (Sharma).

Your mind is the theme this month. And the message I have for you is very simple: give it a rest, love!

Ifour of swords pulled the four of swords this month. The four of swords is a card of mental reprieve. It tells you that you need to take a mental break from all activity, and give yourself time and space. The Universe is loudly telling you to STOP, and if you don’t heed the divine, circumstances will show up which force the issue: for example, you might get sick and be stuck in bed. So do yourself a favor: chill, baby. 🙂

A busy mind tends to also be an anxious mind. The mind is tricky, see: the more forward momentum we experience, the more the mind tries to get us in a choke hold, which shows up as anxiety, depression, and stress. The most successful people in the world have figured out that we are what we think, and that the mind is a liar. They have learned to counter the natural tendency to self-sabotage by allowing negative thoughts to interfere with their process (that fear of expansion again).

The last two months have been intense for growth and transformation, causing a lot of outward upheaval in your world, and thus ramping up your mental activity.   Now, in order for you to continue that upward trajectory, you need to line up your thoughts with the life you want. And the first step to doing that is to notice, and stop.

Have you ever worked on a project for hours at a time, only to hit a wall before it’s finished? Writing a college term paper, an important presentation for work, or writing a story. Any of these creative or stressful endeavors causes you to hit a wall after a certain period of time. When you are able to peel yourself away from that project, give yourself 24 hours, you come back to it with fresh eyes, and a renewed creative energy behind you to finish with flair. That’s what’s happening this month, but on a mental level. You aren’t supposed to stop moving, you’re supposed to step out of creative mode for a spell, so that your mind can unwind and you can lose the stress. Once you really allow yourself to mentally break off from what’s going on around you, things will continue to expand and grow as they should. Your mind won’t be choking the process anymore.

For most of us, shutting of that mind seems insurmountable, but there are a number of tried-and-true techniques that will really help here.

  1. Meditate: literally, 5 minutes of meditation in the morning will shift your whole day for the better. You don’t have to be a master. You don’t need extensive training. Just sit down or lay down, close your eyes, and watch your breath for a few minutes.
  2. Drop into the moment: when you’re feeling on overload, take one minute out of your day, and focus on a part of your body. Run your fingers down your cheek, and feel every single sensation in its glorious, individual form. Or take a depth breath, and notice that cool sensation as you draw breath in, and the luxurious feeling of exhaling deeply.
  3. Take two minutes to live your dream: set a timer for two minutes, and let yourself believe that you already are everything you want to be, and you have everything you want to have. Feel it. See it. Smell it. Taste it. Just two minutes. After that, you can go back to worrying if you want to.

There are many more. A quick Google search of “how to cope with anxiety” will bring up a slew more tips and techniques.

Thanks for tuning in for the overview of the April 2016 Spiritual Energies. This message is, of course, more general. If you want to know how these energies are affecting you personally, schedule a channeled session with me, and let’s ask Spirit!

With so much love,


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