Are you on a ego trip?

It’s cool. Most of us are. Your ego is not evil, bad and terrible, but it is a child that needs to be guided. Ego gone awry shows up in a number of forms…there’s the socially UNACCEPTABLE way, which is all bravado and power tripping. But then there’s the social acceptable way, being “humble”, or not good enough, or not ready yet. That’s just as sabotaging for you, honey.

But it’s actually really easy to check that ego, and take hold of its reins so that you drive that bad boy for your benefit, to spread your message, to live your destiny, instead of letting a petulant little ego space drive your life.

You just have to give it some attention, babe. Acknowledge its existence, how it’s showing up for you right now, and then redirect as necessary.

Sometimes it takes a third party…or even an extra-dimensional party…to help us spot how we’re holding ourselves back.  Let me know if you need my help.

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