Bad Lover: a poem about addiction to people, places and things

Bad Lover

You were sinewed with mebad_lover_image
Weren’t you?

All tangled up in my mess
Telling me how relieved I felt
By your vinegar kiss.

Mmmm, and I believed for so long.

Until you made me crazy.

Or was I already crazy?
And you just rode along?
Egged me on?

You know, people don’t like me
Because of you.

I remember
That rush to get home.
To kick off my heels,
And meet you in the kitchen.

Wrap my hands around your neck.

You purred when I got home

And we sat for hours.
Barefoot.  Hand in hand.

Giggling, and melting the day away.

Until you made me sad.
Or mad.
Or was I already those things

Masked by our heady conversation?

I snuck home sometimes at lunch,
Just to see you.
To touch your lips and wisp away.

But you really started in, didn’t you?

All that touching
Waiting for me, enticing me.

I believed in you!

But I think they call that gas lighting.
Controlling.  Abusive, even.

Intoxicating?  Without a doubt.
Addiction?  I met the criteria.

Oh, you horrible trickster.
I would have sworn you cared.

And now I talk about you
Like a disease.

I replaced you with a whole group of people
To fill that hole.

And we talk about you
All the time.

I still long for you, sometimes.

I see you out there, sometimes.

On a restaurant patio table.
Or peeking into a bar.

You’re making everyone laugh
Like you made me laugh, before.

Anyone can be your friend.
But not your lover.

Never your lover.

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  1. a number of intuitive insights in the relationship. i think Bad Lover is succinct as a title. try to hone in closely on the situation, paring out any unnecessary words or digressing notions. this is a peceptive piece.

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