Betrayed – a poem about regret


‘I’ve had someone else’
I boomed; commanded.

My confidence wavered
As pain cracked
Across her brave little face.

She tightened her lips
And crushed her brow

She steeled me with
Her blue-eyed gaze
And turned away.

‘Go.’ She quietly thundered
As the wall went up.

Panicked, I reach out to her.
‘I lied!’

‘I’ve changed my mind’
‘Don’t shut me out.’

The clanging clap
Of the iron wall
Severed my dirty hand.

In agony, I left.
My peace with her.



The last time I wrote a poem from the perspective of a man I was seven or eight years old.  That was my very first poem.

This poem came to me when I wondered what my own face looks like when I’ve been shocked and hurt. Do I crumble?  Put on a brave front?  The scenario here is completely made up, but it’s part how I hope I react, and part how I believe I react…and a little wish-fulfillment thrown in there for good measure. 😉

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