Bhava Spiritual Mission

We are a new kind of religious organization

Bhava Spiritual Mission is an online destination for believers in the divine dimension of spirits, the afterlife, mediumship, channeling, psychic, and intuition. As a collective, we use our innate senses as a vehicle to express the divine.

We are committed to the continued improvement of our connection to Spirit, our communication of Spirit’s message, and passing along the teachings of Spiritual Mediumship, in order to connect you directly with the Divine.

Some of our core beliefs
    • We embrace humanity’s innate psychic, intuitive, and channeling abilities as a direct connection to the divine, and as a vehicle to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
    • We use many terms for the divine interchangeably – God, Spirit, Universe, Source, etc.
    • We embrace the dogma of no dogma.  Hold on to what resonates deeply with you.  Disregard the rest.
    • There is no competition: each human is a unique and special channel for Spirit, and we are all needed to receive and spread the message.
    • All are welcome. All.
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The Mission’s founder and her vision

Ingrid Turner started the Bhava Spiritual Mission with one simple, overarching goal: continue to improve and clarify humanity’s connection to divine source so that we can be clear and concise SPIRITUAL channels. She builds programs to bring people together and accomplish this mission.

As the head of the Bhava Spiritual Mission, she wears many a hat: Founder, CEO, lead channel, head minister, and principal and teacher for the ministry.

As your Bhava Channel, however, she sheds all those masks.

She is not your teacher. She is not your guru.  She and those who wear the Bhava Channel mantel are simply the channel for You and God – and our most important mission is to help you find and attune your innate abilities to commune with the Divine.

It’s about hooking you up directly with the infinite.

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Programs and projects

old bookTenets of Bhava

Join the mission for the serialized release of the tenets of our spiritual organization.  Have input on and be a part of the final presentation of our tome.

Join Ingrid as she channels, organizes, articulates, writes, and teaches the spiritual truths about mediumship, the human experience, creation, ethics, and more.  Help her bring the message to life.

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Ministry School

This program launches January 2018

If you want to hear more about how to be a Bhava Channel and become an ordained minister of the Bhava Spiritual Mission, sign up for our mailing list.  No commitment required.

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Monthly Services

Coming soon! December 2017

Monthly services take the place of sermons, are free of charge, and open to all.  We launch out first one on December 1 on the Bhava Facebook page.

Channelings are when we intentionally move out of the way, and let Spirit through to delivery a message.

Monthly services are also archived on each of those channels, on YouTube, and on

Support the mission

Be a friend and a part of the mission with your tax deductible contribution.

We have options for you as an individual at only $10 per month, as well as sponsorship opportunities for our corporate alliances.

You can also make a one-time donation if you feel inspired by a particular sermon, or teaching segment here.

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We need experts

The mission is a big job: we need your passion, expertise, and brilliance to back it up and make it happen. All positions are volunteer (for the moment).

The Backbone

In the human body, the spine is the spiritual antennae. As the backbone of the Bhava Spiritual Mission, you are the office administrator and project manager.  Your love of details and sense of organization is only surpassed by your passion for divine transmission.

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The Artist

Creativity is the original form of channeling, and this is still your most natural medium.  You have an intuition and eye for riveting, compelling design, and you’re ready to put it to use for Spirit.

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The Word

You use your gift with words and your love of language to tear down barriers and express your truth, the voice of Spirit.  Put your pen to paper, your fingers to keyboard, for the mission needs words, and create the magic, the incantations, the message for us.

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The Voice

We live in such a radical age, where a post, a tweet, a blog, can take the message so much farther than before.  Your gift for gab, your love of social, and your commitment to divine all come together to help us manage the mission’s social media voice.

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The Manifestor

It’s a modern world with modern rules.  Gone are the days of teacher, healers, and mystics living at the edge of the village, living on the generosity of the people.  Now we must make the money happen, because we need it to manifest our projects and complete our mission.  You’ve got the manifesting magic, the experience with non-profit, fundraising, and a deep connection to spirit.

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Got questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out right away. Just visit our contact page and send a message.

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