Brave – a poem

Be well. Farewell. Have a good one.
Aloha. Adios.

I never want to see your fucking face again.

I’m saying all of these things.
And, in parting, this: Be brave.

Be BraveBe. Fucking. Brave.
Go after those demons with everything you’ve got.

Don’t let anything else slip and slide between your fingers
because you can’t look that devil in the eye.

Be brave.

Storm the gate that seals your doom.

Combat mano-a-mano
that fiend that’s got you by the tail.

Be stupid brave.
Hold on in the rain so the lightning strikes you.

Dive head first into that lake of fire
damn the jagged rocks that’ll crack your head open.

Be recklessly heroic
Don’t walk – RUN into the black.

Stand unsteady at the top of the needle
see the world, brave one, and risk the fall.

And when the demon drops you
and doom is released

And when the fiend devours you
and the lightning blasts you

And when the lake drowns you
and the black takes you

And you when you fall, my love
drifting to your death:

The skies will rumble
with your triumphant laugh!

…Be brave, my love.

Defeat yourself.

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