Channeled Message from Ganesha

Received a spectacular message from this guy today. #ganesha

As soon as typed the message, my phone went absolutely haywire. The volume went up and down on its own, Google Voice kept opening by itself, and I could not get my phone to stay on one screen. It’s went nuts, I tell you!

I saw Ganesha when I heard this message, but it was also clear to me that this was an amalgamation of the divine, showing up in this container.

As I looked and listened, I felt such JOY pump through me! Like a water hose, pumping pumping pumping as we laughed together, me and him.

He had childlike glee, in the presence of…us! You and me! Humanity!

Okay, here’s the message:

“You are equal to the divine. You are not subservient. You work with: in partnership. Not for.

No bowing. No worshipping. No appeasing.

Spirit wants partnership.

Your job, your creation, is just as important here. Spirit wants to HELP you with that. Your job here is so critical. You don’t even know how important you are, beautiful. To this joyous, joyous creation process.”

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  1. I thought I was crazy but I see/hear from him sometimes, too! And he says stuff exactly like this! Sounds just like him! I love it when he comes to visit. His happiness is contagious. Sometimes I have a tendency to be a little dramatic and dour. And then he comes and laughs, and everything is light and cheerful again. Thanks for this message. What a blessing!

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