Closing out 2016, Embracing What’s Next

A very happy, happy New Year to you, beautiful, beautiful soul! I love that we are here together, bumbling along the same radiant, white path of light. What a gift and a treasure to find each other.

I’ve been thinking a lot about 2016 the last couple of days, as I know you have. It’s been a wild, bumpy, BUMPY ride. There have been some real hardships we’ve all had to endure – personally, globally, spiritually.

For me, I lost track of how many times my son and I have moved this year! We
haven’t had a place truly our own in a long time.

Relationships of all kinds have been really challenging. I’ve butted heads, blew up, been blown up on, fought, cried, and lost so many people this year.

More people in 2016 than ever before did a very sudden “turn” on me – going from “I love you” to “I can’t stand you!”. Woah, dude.

I’ve faced abandonment, been used up, stared at seemingly impossible moral decisions, been bullied, and humbled in ways I did not know I could survive.

I have struggled with money energy, unsure about my ability to bring in enough money for my son and I to survive, and yet, always, always, a solution presents itself.

I’ve struggled with the moral question: should I really be combining my income and my spiritual work? Is money evil? Do I deserve money?

My integrity has been called into question and attacked because of this very thin
g. I know I called that situation in, because I needed to look hard at that internal dilemma sitting under the surface in all my interactions.

So, okay, globally and personally, it’s been a hell of a year. But the heartache, fear, tears, shame, turmoil, anger…those emotions are not what linger at the end of this year. They aren’t what speaks to me about 2016.

What I’m left with is the certainty of my heart which I’ve found in the midst of ongoing upheaval in my home.

I’m comfortable in the boundaries I set in my relationships, and the new-found ability to release with love those who need to exit my life.

I’m thrilled at truly understanding what I DO want in friendships, in love, in family, and sure enough in myself that I will not settle for less than my hearts desire. And I have it!

I’m letting go of the need for the approval of others; I’m finally really getting it that what others do, say, and think about me has absolutely nothing to do with me. Nothing! So, I get to love you all unconditionally, and let go of the need for anyone else’s acceptance. I’m me. You’re you. Maybe our energies will jive, maybe they won’t.

I’m grounded in trust in my own intuition. I know right away when I meet someone whether we’re an energetic match or not. And 2016 was the last year that I ignored that. It has nothing to do with either one of us and our moral makeup. It’s just, are we a match, yes or no?

This has truly been one of the greatest years of my life. What an incredible journey. Thank you for being a part of it.

My prayer for myself at the end of this year is to live my life fiercely driven by Spirit. I ask that I become confident in my direction, in my interactions with you, and in my business dealings. I ask that the God within me drive me, all of me, moving forward into 2017 and beyond. I wish to be so confident in Spirit’s direction that I don’t have to worry about ego, doing the right thing, how I treat people or how they treat me. Spirit will guide me every step of the way – already does! This year, I am committed to trusting that. To trusting myself, because, I am Spirit. I am an embodiment of the Divine, and committed as hell carrying out my divine mission.

And my prayer for you, fellow traveler, is to experience the same fierce divine determination, but with your own flavor. I wish you a steely happiness that can’t be broken, no matter the situation that arises for you in the coming year. I wish you laugher, contentment, expansion and joy in all your dealings, with things, with people, with energy, with self. Be blessed, be blessed, I love you, I love you.

Namaste. Namo Sat Nam. Blessings. Peace. Love. Fuck yeah!

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