Commitment to Happiness


Stop what you’re doing.

Okay. Now look at your hands. Look at the ground. Your feet.

Where are you?

Now I want you to recognise something: this is all of your existence. All of it. This moment.

Now ask yourself: is this where I want to spend my entire existence?

Is this the moment?

How does it feel? How do you feel in your pin point Universe of the present moment?

If it is anything other than luscious, you have one job.

Not an action. But a job.

Make the commitment right now to create the universe around you that will bring you the joy, exuberance, freedom, and divine will that is your right as a God Being.

Like I said, don’t DO a thing. Not just now.

But decide.

And commit.

And then, watch your world transform around you, laying open the path to inspired, ecstatic action!

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