You can communicate with Spirit too, just like me

Communicate with SpiritWe get all caught up in “oooooh, Spirit world. I can’t do THAT! Only special people can do that!”

Well, guess what? You ARE special.

You are a GOD, and I don’t mean that in a oh-you’re-so-special kind of way. I mean that literally.

I’m not going to teach you how to communicate with Spirit. You already know how to do that. All I’m going to do is reveal it back to you again. I’m going to point out all the instances throughout your day when GOD and SPIRIT and UNIVERSE are deeply communing with you, but you’ve been so busy giving away all your power you haven’t noticed!

And once I help reveal where and when spirit is already sending you messages, and LOVE, you can begin your own dialogue with spirit. Start talking back.

Then the magic happens, baby. Then the floodgates open!

You’ll recognize GOD: the GOD-WITHIN, which has been quite literally sitting in your chest this whole time.

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  1. so glad to find this site….I can talk to my mother who just passed in October 2015….she can turn on my flashlight…I try to reach my mother and my father at the same time in the evenings….and she answers.

    1. Post

      Hi Lynne! I’m so glad you found this site too. 🙂 What a lovely story about your mother communicating from the place of Spirit. What a blessing!



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