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Intensive Spiritual Training

The Bhava Spiritual Mission is an intensive spiritual training community. It requires a strong dedication to your spiritual practice, to healing your deepest wounds, and emerging fully into your unique gifts as a spiritual ambassador.

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Spiritual Practice on the Go

The Pocket Ministry is hosted on a mobile app (or email) so that you can access my spiritual teachings and enhance your practice wherever you are. I regularly upload videos with spiritual messages, and I offer classes and meditations through this app as well. This is content you won’t find anywhere else.

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What Community Means for You and Me

I am here to support and empower the next wave of spiritual leaders.

For some of you, that takes the form intensive training to heal like a bad ass, hone in on your gifts and develop your platform. For others, it’s sinking deeper into your authentic core through presence with spiritual teachings, and bringing your healing magic out into the world in a more subtle way.

My mission is to support you, and our mutual dedication to the expansion of consciousness on our planet. We have entered the Golden Age. We are the gentle warriors of unconditional love, cementing in this era of divine consciousness.

That’s why I created these containers of for us – to bond, to bring security in times of real intensity, and to be a more dedicated guide.