‘Dear Seeker’ – an open letter

ingrid bw justin

Dear Seeker;

I know what you’re looking for: you’re looking for relief. You’re looking to make some sense out of your world: out of this world. You’ve been in it long enough to have some awareness of how much more there is to your existence than what you see. You can feel it. Taste it, almost. The answer is there: bubbling under the surface. You’ve been peeling back layers. Looking, looking, looking…

You’re looking to teachers and institutions. You’re listening closely to what they say, and, what they don’t say. Nothing is quite resonating. Nothing totally fills that crevice inside of you.

Oh, I do know what you are looking for, dear Seeker. And if you haven’t found a box that you can sit comfortably in, no one is going to be able to provide that relief for you. Not for long anyway.

That gaping hole inside you – the one that nothing in this world seems to be able to fill; the one that itches and irritates you – that’s a grand opening for Spirit. And you, my dear, are guard, key master, and gatekeeper.

As fondly familiar as I am with your experience, there’s nothing I can do for you, except provide a few supplies for your solo journey. There are some weights I can stack behind you, so you can be steady as you find and then drink in that relief.

Let me provide parameters and a few tools to illuminate Spirit.

Let me stand beside you while you stutter through learning your unique language with Spirit.

Let me introduce you to others, who never found a box either, and are also building their own.

Let me affirm for you, let me cheer for you, let me stand on the ground and watch you soar!

Come join me in this life with Spirit. I will share with you all that has been revealed to me, but allow you the freedom to spread out and determine and define your own life with Spirit.

With love,


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  1. Yes, the seeking, that aching reality that there is so much more, like an itch that is so close to being scratched… then the knowing that you are different, the filtering of ‘friends’ until once again you are alone… but now knowing that ‘alone’ is just an opportunity to grow and move closer to actualizing that elusive ache. The farther you reach deep within yourself, the closer you get to scratching that itch! 🙂 It’s so nice to know that you are not alone in this quest. Thank you.

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