Direct to Manifest!

Woo is great. Until it’s a bit much.

Hi, Ingrid here.

Look, I’m a straight shooter: I don’t like to beat around the bush, I don’t like fluff, I don’t like small talk, and I’m on a mission.

I’m betting you are too.

Law of Attraction is magical, mystical stuff, but there’s a whole lot of weird around the topic nowadays. Lots of funny sounds and weird hand positions. Unnecessary, it turns out.

Over the last 5 years, I have delved deeply into the manifestation process. I have tried on all the coats, outrageous hats, ill-fitting shoes, and gaudy jewelry that is the new age law of attraction wardrobe. I tossed almost all of it, and when I did – when I concentrated my efforts on a few simple tools, things shifted rapidly.

When I started this work, I was homeless, had no income, and I was so freaked out I could barely breathe sometimes.

Today, I run a successful spiritual business, the bank gave me a credit card again (!), I live in a posh downtown apartment, and I eat almost all organic.

There are a thousand things in my day that are a result of my Direct to Manifest energy approach. It has opened my mind, my emotions, my spirit to a truly mystical way of being.

It’s not hard to do. But it does require vigilance.

Fluff free people are generally pretty good with vigilance.

I strive for simple, elegant, piercing. Here’s a rundown of my format:

Group meetings every week:

  • Virtual sessions over Zoom video
  • Discussion – this is how we expand our understanding
  • Teaching
  • Practice
  • Homework (hey, you’re serious, aren’t you?)

Intensive Web Portal

  • Weekly handouts
  • Class recordings
  • Homework materials
  • Lifetime access

WhatsApp Group

  • Community is important. Participate.
  • Forever access – who knows what this can grow into


This month, we’re holding a live class on Tuesdays at 6:00pm PST.

That’s Tuesday, Nov 12th, 19th, 26th, and Dec 3rd.

If you miss a session, it’s no big deal. Recordings and all class materials are on the portal.

Simple. Hands on. High accountability.

And bloody efficient. I love efficiency.

So, check in on something for me, darlin’: when you’re reading about this intensive, how does your body feel?

Are you getting a full body yes?

I’m keeping this intensive as accessible as possible.

You can join us for the 4 weeks for just $125.

So, if you’ve got that full body yes, it’s an easy pocketbook yes too.

Sign yourself up with the big purple button below, and wait for the welcome email with meeting instructions and materials. If you don’t receive it by Nov 11th, email me.

I’m really looking forward to this.



Sign Up Now | 4-Week Intensive | $125