Don’t fight your thoughts; not even the icky thoughts

I was not in a good place an hour ago. I was “financially frustrated”, to say the least.

All these icky thoughts and feelings around money and survival were bouncing around in my head, and I could not take back control of my mind.

I’m really quite an optimistic person. I’m proud of the fact that I can stay in the light and positive flow most of the time. Especially because I haven’t always been like that. I spent most of my youth stuck in negativity loops, feeling the victim. I was the worst-case-scenario planner extraordinaire.

So when I get stuck in that crap again, I get really frustrated. Money stuff is some of the hardest energy for me to navigate with grace.

I couldn’t hear the message this morning, because my mind was fighting the light in full force. So I made the medium physical, and started writing.

Here’s what Monz (my spirit guide) came back with:

“Good morning Ingrid! Those feelings and thoughts aren’t bad. You need to release that tension in your head and shoulders. That tension is the physical manifestation of resisting those thoughts and feelings that you’re afraid of. The ones you think will push away the things you want. But that is exactly what is keeping your wishes at bay: resisting, even the uncomfortable, unpopular pieces of this messy creation process. You’ve got to acknowledge, and feel, all of it. Do that now.”

So again, I took pen to paper, and wrote down how I was feeling, truly acknowledging amd anchoring them in the physical. Then I transformed them simply by looking at the other side of that feeling coin.

That short exercise transformed my morning. And RIGHT after that exercise, someone booked a reading with me. Ha!

I share this with you because you need to know that the icky feelings are an important piece of your creation process. But you have to work with them. Use my method, or find one that suits you better. But the point is, don’t fight the unpopular thoughts. Embrace them.

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