Ego identity

Ooph, I’ve been having the damndest time with communication recently. Where words and tones and body usually, blessedly, flow seamlessly for me, I keep running into head-smackin’ brick walls. Even my hand writing is all jumbled. One of the things I love to do in the mornings is tap in and channel for the day, and yet lately, every little thing seems to get in my morning way.

I inquired about all this today, since I was having little panic attacks about my flubbering words. I got an interesting answer: he said, Ingrid, sometimes your best communication is not with words, but with energy.

This is where we trip ourselves up: with ego-identity. It limits the powerful possibilities of our existence, and how we live out our life purpose to the fullest extent we are capable of.

And yet, here I am…writing words and trying to stuff my identity back into my communication which I prize so very dearly, instead of just letting the energy emanate from my heart and out into the world, where it can seep into places words could never touch.

Ah, well, I suppose we all get there in our own time, and my ego-identity is still holding on by its fingernails.

So I’ll leave this here and go work on the energy piece, which is my gift amidst this bumbling voice of mine. 🙂

Please tell me I’m not alone. Where’s your ego-identity at, and is it flailing in the light of your power? I’m feeling YES!

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