Emerging over and over again

All the work you’re doing on self – the digging, the revealing, the releasing, the healing, is freaking awesome and absolutely epic. A huge percentage of the world’s population never manages to get past the mirror in front of their nose and glimpse beyond their careful, oh-so-fragile, socially acceptable construct.

You busted that mirror, and bravely, bravely peered into the black and let the reflection of who you really are, and the bullshit covering your essence, blast you in the face.

Bravo, babe. Bra-vo.

But I want to give a loving, gentle, gorgeous reminder: you’re not done.

None of us are.

If we were complete in our clearing, empty in our garbage, full in our heart, and blind in our judgments, guess what?

We wouldn’t be physical any more.

The whole point of the physical experience is to manage the physical weight. To explore, and discover, and feel, and weep, and laugh, and get, and lose, and God damn, dive into all the human murky gunk and SWIM with all we’ve got.

And that means work. Glorious, fabulous, human, divine work.

So if you find yourself revisiting patterns, thoughts, feelings, issues, people, or situations recently, which you feel like you’ve already done the work on, don’t be discouraged.

You’re never done. You GET to never be done.

You GET to emerge over and over again.

You GET to bloom over and over again.

You GET to clear the slate over and over again.

Each renewal is a brighter, clearer, better defined, and more vibrantly brilliant then the last.

And, as you know, you only get that glory by busting the mirror and peering into the black.

Don’t be discouraged by the work, by the self analysis, and constant steps towards the divine.

It is, in fact, your DIVINE purpose here.

I love you.

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