February 2016 Spiritual Energies

This video came out to 5:05 – no accident! This is a powerful angel number, which speaks to big life changes (double 5) as it relates to your spiritual evolution (number 0).

Suspension is over, ladies and gentleman. Clear sight, action, and cutting through BS is at hand now, and you’re ready for it. This is the month of the Warrior. Feel the fear, and do it anyway. This is the month where we move away from contemplation, and into action, confidence and creation.

Let me start by telling you about my meditation this morning: I was struggling. I was bouncing in and out of my subconscious, worrying about the busy day ahead, worrying about worrying, worrying about not getting a message for us this month. Until I had the bright idea to very plainly ask “please show me the spiritual energies this month.” At that point, Spirit obliged, and my consciousness rapidly shifted.

The first thing I noticed was the feeling of nausea. Not just a little. I thought for a moment I was going to have to get up and deal with it, but steady breathing brought it back down to a manageable level. Simultaneously, I was flying high above the Earth, fingertips touching the wispy clouds around me. I felt the stinging cold of that altitude, and I physically shivered. I could see the whole globe below me, and all the patterns on the surface. It was beautiful, and intense, and complete. The nausea I felt was a result of a complete shift in perception. My body was having a hard time catching up with the sudden shift from linear to horizontal, from on the ground to in the sky. This was an awesome, immersive bird’s-eye view of my world I had never had before.

7 the chariotAs I always do, after my symbolism-laden meditation, I pulled a Tarot card to help anchor the message I received, and the card I pulled was The Chariot, which is so perfect I laughed out loud. It is so completely apropos for the sudden change and physical nausea I felt during meditation. The Chariot Tarot is a card of driving forward: of fast changes, and the fearless pursuit of your destiny. This is not a card of following a path, but of forging a path ahead: driving forward where no one has gone before. The Chariot tells you that you have no control over the timing of events in your life right now, and usually, it indicates a dizzying momentum. The trick with The Chariot is to embrace the speed of your life, embrace the new road being carved as you go. You will feel fear, but that is okay. During major life changes and advances, fear is not usually the message for us to stop, but rather, the message that we are expanding further out, and inching towards our highest expression.

Here’s the focus point this month: the wait is over: you now know, so go do.

While I’m really excited about the energetic shift this month, I also get how terrifying it is when your world shifts so suddenly and all these changes are happening. Even when we want these things, our lizard brain is in agony from all the changes and perceived potential dangers. So, while your entire world is shifting and falling back into a better place, you can assuage your fears by keeping yourself grounded. Here is a very simple grounding technique that works incredibly well for me. But everyone is different, so I encourage you to play with mine, and then find what works best for you. You will know when it’s working!

My grounding technique

I take three deep breaths – in through my nose, and out through my mouth, carefully filling my abdomen with air, and then squeezing it out completely. I make myself aware of the cosmic energy above me (what color is it?), and I bring that down through my crown, and all the way through the center of my body, hitting each chakra along the way. I see the energy shoot down my right leg and crash into the earth. I can see this energy latching onto the Earth’s core, and then making it’s way back up toward me. That energy then shoots up my left leg, back up through my chakras, and reconnects with that cosmic energy above me. This creates an energetic loop, keeping you connected with both the heavens and earth.

Now, go enjoy that chariot ride!

With so much love,


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