Feelings, Detachment, and Control

The other morning, very early, I had to jump out of bed and handle an elder care emergency in my home. Everything turned out fine, and everyone is healthy, but it definitely left me jittery at oh-damn-dark-thirty.

So I crawled back into bed, my mind a-buzzing, and was overcome by this thick, heavy veil of…worthlessness.

That’s not fun. I didn’t like it one bit.

I lay there, spinning in this terrible emotion, then something actually super cool happened.

I popped out of place with it. Through no good will of my own, my essence detached from my identity with that emotion, and while I continued to feel all of it, I was able to observe it as well, removing judgment, removing identity, and ultimately, giving me control over where this emotion would take me.

The experience revealed some really interesting universal truths, and became a whole new, productive experience for me.

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