ingrid bw justinThank you for joining my talk Living in Partnership with Spirit.  I’m so bedazzled by living life in divine partnership, I want nothing more than to spread the word, and help anyone I can to tune in directly!

So let’s get you started.  As I discussed in my talk, we each have an intuitive power center;  for some, this is the heart, others it’s the belly, some it’s the crown, and so on.  Once we identify this for you, I can give you personalized tips on enhancing your unique language with Spirit!

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I’m so looking forward to speaking with you!

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This session lasts no more than 15 minutes. This session is only to identify the intuitive power center.  Schedule a full session with Ingrid Turner to have any other questions answered.  No refunds are given for missed sessions. Your session is not confirmed until payment has been made. Accepted methods of payment are PayPal.  Contact Ingrid directly if you need to make special arrangements. Ingrid Turner is not responsible for actions you take based on information given to you during a session. When you book a session, you release Ingrid Turner from all liability for injury, loss or damage to yourself and property. By booking a session with Ingrid, you agree to these terms.