Finding Spirit through the Martial Arts

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Finding Spirit through the Martial Arts

There are countless spiritual paths and methods of communicating with the Divine. On this week’s episode of the Living in Partnership with Spirit show, we’re going to bring back an ancient spiritual path: that of the Martial Artist. We will have two guests come on the show, Dr. Crimi and Professor Shizumi Crimi, who have dedicated their life to the martial arts as a way of life, a spiritual path, and a communion with the divine. There is so much more to an authentic martial artist then punching and kicking. Listen below to learn about the spiritual nuances, revelations, and distinctions of a spiritual martial artist.

Listen to the episode here:

About your host, Ingrid TurnerDSC_4362

Ingrid Turner is a Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Coach, and diviner. She connects with loved ones, spirit guides,

spiritual energies, and the higher self to help her clients heal, connect with their authentic spiritual path, and live in their power. She also runs coaching programs for individuals and groups, where she helps outside-the-box seekers connect with Spirit directly, and build their own spiritual structures.

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