Finding Your Life Purpose: Commitment

Revealing Your Life Purpose- CommitmentIn a previous post, I explained that your life purpose is an extension of living in your highest expression; it’s the package you wrap around your authentic self. It’s how you choose to give your gifts to the world. Your purpose will evolve as your potential expands, as the best version of you keeps growing and growing. This is why, when you are embracing your highest expression, life is fun and dynamic, and never stagnant or dull. No room for ruts with an enlightened lifestyle!

If you know you are already living from an authentic and intuitive place, but still haven’t found your life purpose, I want to help you. After I had my grand spiritual re-awakening, it took me a year or more to find my way into the right outfit to express my being. I believe the main reason was that I was having a hard time letting go of the ego-identity I’d created for myself over the last decade, which is very, very different then what my highest expression dictates for me. And yet, despite all the unhappiness that contorting myself into that identity had caused me, it was still hard to let it go! That’s the power of ego in shadow. It can keep you hanging on to things, people, and ideas looooong after they no longer serve you.

I’d like to save you some time and angst, and let you know how to quickly reveal your life purpose: it is simply to commit to being in your highest expression, and commit to allowing the Universe to show you the tailor-made expression for your gifts.

No pushing, no pulling: just hangin’ out, and being fiercely authentic.

Don’t worry about the job that doesn’t fit anymore. It will fall away as soon as you commit.

Don’t worry about the people and relationships that hamper your expression. A cordial separation will take place when you commit.

Don’t worry about the money you need to survive. Keep doing what you’re doing, and what you need will flow to you when you commit.

Let the package come together, and keep trying things on.

How will you know when you’ve found it?

I think the easiest way for me to explain is to tell you my story.

As previously mentioned, I had a hard time letting go of my pre-awakening ego-identity. I was caught in a weird place of being unable to thrive in that world any more, and being unable to truly step into my new role on this planet. In other words, I was totally uncommitted either way. When I did finally start to let go of the old, finger-by-terrified-finger, the new started to emerge in pieces for me.

Those pieces finally culminated one day with a face. It appeared one morning in my mind, clear as anything. It was the face of an older gentleman: vivid, loving, and he had a clear message: “I’m okay.”

Right after his face appeared, I saw an old friend from school, also in my mind. I hadn’t talked to, or thought about, this woman in years. We hadn’t been friends for a long time. Curious about this experience though, I looked her up on Facebook. The first post I saw was one about her Grandfather who had recently passed away. She posted that she wondered if he is okay on the other side, if there was anything after we died. Boom! Grandpa’s okay, honey!

Awesomely inspired, I didn’t say anything though. I never contacted her, because I also felt (and still feel) strongly I need to be asked for this kind of thing. I have no idea where she’s at in life, and how she would react to a message that said “hey girl, long time no talk! So…your dead grandpa stopped by to let you know he’s okay. Cool, right??” I mean, how would you react?

I didn’t tell anyone else about the incident for a few days either. I was afraid, I think, because the experience felt fragile and precious. I didn’t want to tell anyone in case the act melted it somehow. But I held it gently, and close to me, and marveled at how beautiful I felt when I channeled that woman’s loved one.

Fast-forward a day or two, and I was sitting with my beautiful friend, Shizumi. She is a health coach and my Martial Arts and dance teacher. She’s such an inspirational person, and has this incredible ability to make one feel so safe, event from within the most vulnerable place. So, she was prying, which is what she does, and I love her for it. “What’s going on? “What have you been doing?” “Tell me, tell me, tell me!”

So, slowly, haltingly, I started to tell her about my experience. As I talked about it, I felt choked up, but swallowed it. She listened to me with her body, her eyes, and her heart. Her verbal response was “Wow. How did that make you feel, Ingrid?” Her non-verbal response was one of total acceptance, belief, and inspiration.

I looked at her, and burst into tears.

“I felt so honored.”

And you know what? She started to cry too! The power of my revealing and stepping into my purpose affected her just as much as it affected me.

That’s some awesome ju-ju, man.

And that’s when I knew beyond a doubt, no matter what my fears or insecurities or ego said to me, I had discovered my life purpose.

You will feel honored to perform your life purpose.

You will feel in awe of your purpose: it is a gift to you.

You will move through ego, insecurities, and fear to fulfill your purpose.

You will be energized by your life purpose.

You will be committed to your purpose.

And you can only execute your life purpose if you stay in your highest expression, your authentic self. If you lose your integrity, you lose the expression of it.

Upon the embrace of this passion, this purpose, this fuel for life, everything fell into place around me. Circumstances allowed me to pursue my life purpose with gusto and passion, with remarkably little anxiety and stress.  And the same will happen for you.

Where are you at, my darling? Are you living your highest expression? Have you found your life purpose package? Do you need help?

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  1. Beautifully written! I absolutely love that you shared your most vulnerable self and in so doing actualized your freedom from the box! I must admit a tear trickled down my cheek while reading. Thank you for sharing. Your words are changing lives. Never Give Up. <3 🙂

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