It’s one of the two most fundamental emotional processes that bridge the human experience with the Divine experience. The other being love.

It is only through grief that we come to deeply understand our connection to each other, to the whole.

But only if we are willing to actually grieve.

When I was 12, my dad died. Suddenly. Without warning. They never even found a cause of death.

That experience shook my small world to its core. I will never forget the emotional desolation that followed that event early in my life, and it lasted for years. Because I would not grieve.

I really just started falling into the grief a couple years ago. Having stuffed it as best I could for so many years, it’s like the tide now, now that I’m committed to the process. In and out, ebb and flow.

Grief shows up when we experience the loss of any connection. Not just death. It surfaces when we fail in our lives. It creeps up on us with the slow detachment of a lover. It is even present and insists on our participation during our own transformation.

So when grief shows up, I urge you to embrace the process. Fall into grief like you fall into love. Do this, and you’ll get through it in less time, and you’ll see the riches underneath it.

I now see the death of my father as the greatest spiritual gift of my life. It took me 20 years to get there, but I hope that can illustrate what I’m getting at here.

And…it wasn’t until I committed to the grieving process that I regained connection with his spirit. And that is such riches, my love.

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