How to Ensure Your Intuition is Always Right

How to Ensure Your Intuition is Always RightThere is one sure-fire way to know that your intuition is guiding you, and not your mind, or ego. And that is to act from a place of acceptance.

When you accept yourself, your situation, and your environment, you’re not reacting from a need to change your circumstances. You’re desire is replaced by your intuitive understanding of your situation, which gives you the deep knowledge of how to proceed in any given moment.

Accepting a situation doesn’t mean you have to like it, or that you have to put up with it from an unattainable place of Zen. Acceptance simply means that you see situations, people, and yourself straight: for exactly what it is. No sugar coating. No vinegar coating.

Once you relax into acceptance, you will have a crystal clear understanding of what to do next, and it will feel great. It will feel like a relief. It will feel like doing exactly what you want, but without the sharp edges of ego. This is your intuition guiding you.

It’s easy to think we’ve accepted a situation, and therefore the current desire we feel would solve all our problems. Ask yourself this question to help determine if you are operating from ego or intuition:

What does my desire feel like?

An Ego-centered desire comes from a subtle, or not-so-subtle, place of needing to change your circumstances. You might find that your desires and goals feel desperate or out of reach. You’ll second-guess yourself. You may feel angry and resentful, even if it’s barely perceptible. Your desires may include a wish for harm to another who is not aligned with you.

An intuitive understanding, however, has a calming effect; you don’t feel rushed or compressed. You’ll feel at peace with your own and other people’s choices. You will feel confident in your direction, in your thoughts, and your emotions. You won’t try to hide how you’re feeling, nor will you use your emotions as a club to try and get what you want. These are all good indicators that you have accepted the situation and you’re being guided by your intuition.

Do we get the desire versus intuition reaction right every time? Not most of us. You’ll have trials and errors. But just let that go, honey, and keep moving toward your intention to accept and act from intuition.

The Universe simply cannot resist a strong intention. 😉

Did you know we each have an intuitive power center, where we are most easily able to access this intuitive information?

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