How to Know You’re Out of Spiritual Alignment

It’s really easy to fall out of spiritual whack. We live in a world that is constantly edging us out of our spiritual equilibrium, and then it can take a significantly uncomfortable event to make us realize it.

What are some of the ways you can see you’re being knocked our of spiritual alignment? It’s worth noticing these things, because then you can take a time out and course correct before you crash and burn.

Spiritual fitness is paramount not only for you, my beautiful, but for the world at large. It is honestly only through individual spiritual fitness that we expand the divine within all of us. ♡

Here are some of the ways I notice myself beginning to spin away from my god-self:

– over dependence on tarot cards/psychic readings
– my neck and shoulders hurt
– I worry about money
– I start judging people
– I start seeing to shadow more prominent than the light in others
– my readings tend to fatalistic
– I have a hard time connecting to my guide
– I lose the ability to differentiate my fears from my intuition
– I work frantically (workaholism)
– I’m so tired at the end of the day i watch TV

When I notice these things creep up, I take action immediately: and that is to stop all action.

I meditate. I stretch. I pray. I breath. I talk with my guide. I look for the signs. I take the initiative to feel the way I want to feel, regardless of how I actually feel, or what I believe my circumstances are dictating.

We have so much power over our experiences. It’s not just happy thoughts and rose colored glasses. Your inner spiritual dynamic entirely shapes the physical world around you.

That’s how you change the world.

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  1. I can relate to many of the signs you indicate in this article. I also find myself sleeping more and falling into a depressive state when I am out of spiritual alignment. Thanks for the great article!

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