I am Love – a poem crafted from the names of my family

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I am Love

Quiet and unassuming
Vast and devilishly keen.  
Victorious through peace, 
Dedicated to the cause, the cause, the cause

The divine will increase
Carefully cultivate
Circular enhancements of 
Thriving possibilities. 

Ride with me! 

Blazes across my sky.

I am Love! I am Love! 

Ride with me


Certainly the only poem I’ve written where I can pull apart the meaning line by line.

This poem was put together from the meaning of the names of people in my immediate family.

My younger brother, Siegfried: Victory through Peace”
Line in the poem: ‘Victorious through peace’

My mother, Vilina: “Dedicated”
Line in the poem: ‘dedicated to the cause, the cause, the cause”

My father and son, both Joseph: “God will Increase”
Line in poem: ‘The Divine will increase’

My older brother, Jurn: “Farmer”
Line in poem: ‘carefully cultivate’

My name, Ingrid: “Ride, Ride with Odin, Ing’s beauty”
Line in poem: ‘Ride with me’
Line in poem:  ‘blazes across my sky’ – this is a reference to the Norse god Odin riding Sleipnir, his eight-legged white horse, through Valhalla (in the sky).

What do the names of your family prompt?  Name of your cat? 😉

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