Inner Peace

When people ask me “what are you into?” Or “what’s your hobby?” Or “what do you do for fun?” Or something along those lines, I tend to blink at them for a few seconds before scrambling for a socially acceptable answer.

And the funny thing is, it was that way BEFORE I found this maddeningly brilliant path of Spirit. When I was full steam muggle-ing, I still had a hard time with that question.

I used to think it was because I worked all the time. I was a single mom. I didn’t have time for hobbies.

I’d answer with something canned, like “oh, I like martial arts” (hadn’t practiced in 5 years) or “I love creative writing” ( never completed a story), or sometimes with “i just work and mom all the time” (whatevs, Ingrid).

But I noticed that I still had the same halting response when people asked me that question after I’d dismantled The Box, and I was passionately pursuing my destiny.

Then I blamed the person asking me: oh, they won’t understand and they’ll judge me, because I’m so spiritual and that’s all I love.

Well, I was closer, but still missing the mark. The zing of judgment around the question really should have given that away to this spiritual biatch, huh? Ha.

Over this last weekend, the answer to that question clicked into place. And I laughed, because it’s so “unexciting”, I can immediately see that the issue of judgment is, of course, not towards the poor people being nice enough to make conversation with me and ask what I’m into, but that judgment is turned around and directed squarely at me.

What I love is peace, and through that peace, connection with my divine Spirit. I want to receive and share and share and share with no concern about getting it right. I love rest, and solitude, and gentle, gentle explorations. I love warm touches and a calm home. I love moving slow and self care. I love the high I get from channeling. I love dreaming and manifesting just for fun. I love checking out of this world, and bringing back the indefinable riches from the next.

But mostly, I am passionate about inner peace.

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