Introducing my spirit guide

intriducing my spirit guideThe first time I encountered my spirit guide, he appeared to be a Conan-the-Barbarian type. I couldn’t see much, but I sure felt him, and what I could see appeared to me to be a scraggy, stocky, ball of muscle. He seemed to have tufts of hair going everywhere.

The next time I saw him, he was very clearly…Woody Allen? He was a skinny, squirrelly goofball. A total 180 from my Barbarian protector!

As he became clearer over time, he still looked Woody Allen-y, and he was – get this – half wearing a Barbarian suit. The Barbarian head was flopping on his back like a hood. He acted ridiculously: a song would come on the radio, and he would pop in, singing along to it, dancing around, being weird in his Barbarian suit.

Ultimately he transformed again, and I saw he was wearing an animal suit, like the priests of the ancient Germanic tribes. He was wearing a bear hide, specifically. He was no longer so Woody Allen looking, but he is tall, thin and angular. His eyes are big and light colored. If I had a sketch artist, I could have him drawn.

sevenHe told me his name is Monz (or that’s as close as I could get). During our first real communication, he kept sending me the number “7”. I didn’t know what he meant, so I dug into numerology, and, surprise, my life path is the number 7.

He was reminding me what I’m here for.

Connecting with my guide was a transformative event, and has had far reaching and long lasting effects. Monz doesn’t tell me what to do. Spirit does not interfere with our free will.  Your guide is here for support, suggestion, encouragement, teaching, and even a little discipline. Your guide will never leave you, turn on you, or judge you. Your guide has chosen to spend your life with you, from day one, 24 hours and day, 7 days a week, because your guide loves you.

Monz brings just the energy I need. Where I am sky high and full of energy or crashed out and laid out, his energy is ever steady, ever present. He has a calm center that doesn’t waiver. He is the man who keeps a quiet power; who is respected for his authority so that he rarely even has to use it. His dignity and assurance brings a welcome calm to my life.

Do you know your guide? Can I introduce you?



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