It’s not that you can’t

it's not that you can'tIt’s that you won’t.

Just think about that for a minute: you can do anything you want. It might take time, resources, planning, skill development, blood, sweat and tears.  But whatever it is, you can do it. But that doesn’t mean you will.  And I’m not necessarily saying should, either.

What I’m saying is this: recognize that you, in fact, can.

And then recognize that you won’t. For whatever reason, you won’t go to all that effort to do just that. And there’s power in won’t.  And comfort.

Can’t is a lie.

Won’t and will are truth.

When you take complete responsibility for your actions and inactions, suddenly you have choice again.  And choice is power.

Can’t is powerless.

When you embrace the responsibility of Won’t and Will, the power to make a decision follows.

And when you make a decision, you make a commitment.

And from commitment, you become great.

But first, own what you will and won’t do.  


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