January 2016 Spirit Forecast

January 2016 Spirit Forecast: this video came out at 2:22. This is a spiritually significant number that represents FAITH and TRUST! Watch the video, and you’ll see how perfectly that fits in with the Spirit energies for month.

Bless <3 <3 <3

Wow, this has been quite a couple of months for intense emotions, aaaand, no we’re not done yet. To recap, December gave us a hell of a shock by dredging up all those old traumas, and then grabbed the back of our head and brought us down for a big fat kiss.

Our choice, of course, was to kiss the frog, or curl up in a ball until the emotional firestorm passed.

But the whole point of the December energies was to get our attention so that we have the opportunity to “level up”. In a big way.

12 the hanged manJanuary now asks us to move to the next phase in our healing, and close the door for good on all the stuff that came up in December.

December was the shock-change portion of this journey. So the surprises are done: no more slaps in the face. But the message for January is to allow yourself the full experience of your emotions this month.

The Hanged Man represents the January energies. The Hanged Man is a stasis, a suspending of belief, expectation, and even reason: a gravity-less journey through energy and Spirit, discarding logic for intuition, learning for instinct. So here, The Hanged Man asks us to ride the emotional waves for the experience and the process.

The result of this final installment is the completion of the circle. Does this entire process mean you’ll never have to deal with emotional pain again? Bah, don’t we wish! But what is does signify is the end meeting the beginning: a new cycle of healing and blossoming awareness begins for us now.

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