Joey – a poem about my son

The Poem…mom joey couch


On a normal day
You seem very heavy.
You can get in the way
And you can be so needy.

I pick you up
I feel the weight
And think, damn this is hard. 
Just wait, Joey, wait!

Then we laughed today
Loud, belly rolling giggles
I scooped you up in all your wriggles
Laughing, and swinging this way,

And you seem very light, indeed.


Solo parenthood is hard, and I was feeling it that day.

And somehow, with mom super-manic-mind, I was hearing Joey laugh: one of those thunderous belly laughs from our toddlers.  They are enough to melt away all the stress and clutter, frustration and fear, doom and gloom, for just those couple of minutes.

It’s enough to get us by, somehow.

What do your kids do that breaks through the sludge of parenthood, making it all fucking worth it anyway?

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