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I hope this collection of free videos helps you better understand what I do, and gives you a launching pad to develop your own spiritual foundation and intuitive skills.

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Intuition Development

I’m documenting everything I know about tapping into and developing your intuition and healing abilities. Join the Living in Partnership with Spirit Facebook group for real time updates on these videos.

If you are really serious about this lifestyle, you can check look into the Bhava Ministry.

Ringing in Your Ears
My experience of mediumship
How to connect with Spirit
Chakras and Clearing Them
Spiritual Mediumship
How to Connect with Spirit Guides
Monz, my Spirit Guide
About Chakras
Why is my intuition wrong?
Why You Lose Connection to Spirit
Create Your Sacred Space
Am I making it up?
Empaths and Codependency
Building Spiritual Community
The Truth About Evil Entities
Know it’s a message from Spirit
How do we process downloads?
A tingling crown chakra
Video source missing


Guided meditations, and information about meditation and self care.

Guided Grounding Meditation
Energy Clearing for Empaths

Spirituality and Inspiration

Lessons and downloads I have received from Spirit over the years. I add to this as I get more. You can visit my blog for even more.

How to Shift Your Vibration
Shadow work and LOA
Healing from Getting Offended
Creation and the Human Experience
Interplay/Masculine & Feminine
Everything is Working in Your Favor
Panel Discussion: Transformation
You Exist Across All of Creation
Absolute Truth vs Subjective Truth
Humans Don’t Understand Creation
Desire and Spirituality
Ego Trip
Detachment, Feelings and Control
Spiritual Expansion
Soulmates who destroy us
Manifesting: notice breadcrumbs
Be grounded to manifest
Removing Hierarchy from Spirituality
The role of a spiritual teacher
What is The Dogma of No Dogma?
What happens when you touch spirit
What will be the impact of AI?

From my book, Locked in Love

Buy the book and join the locked in love community: www.lockedin.love

Have Faith in Your Dreams
Your throat chakra and money
Focus and Presence
Stop Resisting the Resistance
It’s okay to ask!
What bees teach us about purpose
How to be happy in your relationships
Speak truth break down all obstacles
Give your troubles to Spirit