Los Angeles, CA – Intuitive Event Series with Ingrid and Lisa of InstinctiveYOU


July 16th – July 19th:

Join Ingrid and Lisa, the dynamic duo behind InstinctiveYOU, in Los Angeles for a weekend of learning, readings, and enlightenment!

  • Learn the Tarot and get personal readings from Ingrid and Lisa
  • Discover your life purpose with Lisa
  • Participate in a medium Q&A session with Ingrid
  • Meet your Spirit Guide
  • Access your past lives and clear out ancient blocks that are subconsciously holding you back

Pick and choose events you want to attend, or come for the whole weekend!

Weekend price: $794 (save $100!)
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Basic Tarot with Ingrid and Lisa

Join Ingrid Turner and Lisa Greenfield, two highly skilled and intuitive readers, teaming up to teach a one-time, 2-hour workshop on Basic Tarot in Los Angeles, CA! The class covers the meanings of the suits, and takes you through the path of the Major Arcana. There will be time for readings from both Ingrid and Lisa as they demonstrate the lessons hands on.

Date: Thursday, July 16th
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Cost: $49
Location: West Hollywood, CA 90048. Address will be shared upon registration. Each person will receive at least one reading.
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Meet the Medium: Q&A with Ingrid Turner
BONUS! Meet Your Spirit Guide

Join Ingrid for an evening with Spirit! She will be available to answer your questions about medium work and channeling, share some best practices, and will be ready to receive and relay messages to you from the Spirit world!

Ingrid connects with your spirit tribe, who include your spirit guide, loved ones who have crossed over, and other souls you’ve known for thousands of years, ready to provide guidance, love, and support. Her powerful channeling brings you details that will move you to tears, lift your spirits and establish a connection that can bless you each and every day.

Date: Friday, July 17th
Q&A and Group Reading Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Cost: $75
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Lisa’s Life Purpose One Day Intensive Experience – Your Destiny Is Waiting

How would your life change if you won the lottery? Well, when you know what your unique Purpose is on Earth… This wisdom is money in the bank! I want you to have your own version of the winning lottery ticket to love and all that comes in the door with that windfall!
Price: $595
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Past Life Regression Workshop

Baffled by a fear that seems unrelated to anything that you can recall? Have that relationship that won’t let you go, long after you’ve walked away? Or do you want to leave and can’t seem to cut ties? There could be past life lessons carried over into today. We can help you identify, acknowledge, and release yourself from stuck patters, and move on with grace and compassion.

Ingrid Turner is leading a hands-on workshop that will give you tools to access your former lives! This two-hour workshop will include discussion about past lives, intentions, and healing from the past, and a practice regression into your past life. Bring back with you memories of those experiences that have left you blocked this time around and learn to let go of those old, old patterns by remembering how they started.
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Date: Sunday, July 19th
Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Cost: $150

About InstinctiveYOU

In started in a coffee shop.

In 2012, Lisa and Ingrid sat down together at the Food Lab in West Hollywood on a particularly ravishing Southern California day.  They met in the real world, and almost unconsciously hopped over to the ethereal.  Call it BFF love at first sight: a beautiful soul connection.  It was a cosmic meeting in this 3rd dimension.

They came together to birth a shared dream: putting their intuitive talents together as an impactful team, and bringing you real-world, no-fluff support, guidance and laughter in the development of your own intuition, and transformation into instinctual passion!

The duo host a monthly podcast, offer online classes on intuition development and learning of divination tools, and offer dual-readings – a high impact experience, indeed!

lisa fb profile picLisa is the founder and CEO of Truth in Hand.  She helps achievers shift unwelcome patterns so they can experience more love and success without endlessly repeating outgrown patterns.  Lisa brings a lifetime of experience reading well over 20,000 hands from around the globe. She has done readings for iconic film stars, rock stars, international CEO’s, television personalities and people just like you. Lisa has an unparalleled history in Hand Analysis that brings a rich, deep understanding of human nature reflected in the lines on hand.

ingrid mekkaIngrid is a spirit medium who is able to facilitate communication between you and your loved ones who have passed on the other side.  Ingrid connects with your spirit tribe, who include your spirit guide, loved ones who have crossed over, and other souls you’ve known for thousands of years, ready to provide guidance, love, and support.   Communing with your spirit guide is a profound experience with long lasting and far-reaching effects. Additionally, Ingrid is an empath, tarot card reader, and delves in to past lives.

Together, they are instinctiveYOU. 


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