(NSFW) Low Class – I was going for ‘sexy’ with this poem

The Poem…low life poem image

Low class

Swayin’ hips
Butter lips
Round a fist
Make ‘im wisp

Lady luck
She down on me?
Get in my truck
Get down on me.

Bar fly
Caught high
Don’t be shyyy
Oooh, myyy…

She’s walkin’
And wailin’
She got no time
For pray, pray, prayin’

She’s a low class
Low show
Get up, ready-o!
Move on, daddy-o


It was a damn sexy image in my head.

In my head, clear as could be, I was walking behind a saucy, full lady with powerful hips, swinging confidently in the Los Angeles sunshine.  She was wearing an adorable little mini skirt, but not one of the ones that hug the thighs – this one was white and frilly and short: just the kind that looks real good on wide hips and muscled thighs.

She turned into a wreck on paper though.

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