Manifesting is receiving

Three days ago, I told the Universe that I needed a dedicated SPACE for my work. It wasn’t an ask. It wasn’t a prayer. It was a requirement.

Over the next three days, my desk showed up, the space to put the desk was cleared (and there was a LOT of stuff in that corner), a divider showed up to give me a dedicated nook for my spirit work, and even a bitchin’ corner shelf for me to put my little knick knacks on.

And I didn’t DO a damn thing to put it in place.

And here it is. Fast as I could turn around, Spirit weaved the Universal energies in my favor.

Spirit doesn’t need to be begged, or bargained with, or manipulated, or played, or whined at. Spirit is here to SERVE you. Get good with RECEIVING (with appreciation, but not self-deprecation), and everything you need can’t help but find its way to you, STAT!

For most of us, it takes practice to get good with being served. So start practicing.

Say yes to little things being offered to you every day.

Yes, I’d love a glass of water.

Thank you, yes a cup of tea would be great right now.

Thank you for giving me your place in line.

Recieve with thanks. And start putting in little orders with the Universe. And keep me posted. Tell me what you get and fast!

All my love.

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