March 2016 Spiritual Energies

We’re still going strong, my loves, and I would even venture that we are going stronger than ever but with a delicious twist.

As I tuned in to Spirit, the first thing I saw was a big heart, followed by a sea of robed beings praying over fields. Fields of grain symbolize the Universe’s highest form for your deepest needs and ideals. When I do a Channeled Session, a Spirit Guide will make themselves known as such because I see them wearing a hooded robe.

I found myself drifting by these beings, and felt myself swayed this way and that. Not in an uncomfortable or frightening way, but in a gentle, joyful way. Like riding the rapids down the river: as long as I went with the current, it was fun. The next vision I had was another being cradling a long staff. The staff was all light, but seemed electric, or somehow difficult to touch. As I watched, the staff broke in half, and inside, winged creatures starting flying out of it. It seemed really beautiful, and really out of place. And when the message hit me: follow the current, go with the flow, follow your joy, and the most delightful and unexpected life will unfold in front of you. This feeling of gratitude washed over me at the end of my meditation, so before I opened my eyes, I put my hands together in prayer position, and touched them to my forehead. Then I heard “see the heart!” I was making a heart shape with my hands, arms and elbows.

I laughed again when I pulled the card for the month: It was the same card for March as I drew for February: The Chariot! However, I used the Goddess Tarot deck this month, and I like that card’s symbolism even better for how these same energies are presenting this month. In that deck, the card is called Movement.

movementMovement features the Welsh Goddess Rhiannon. Rhiannon defied law and the orders of her father to marry someone who she did not love, and instead went outside of her people and married a mortal man, giving up her entire life to following her bliss. She rides a white horse – representing Spirit. Her cape is yellow and purple, the colors of personal power and enlightenment.

To remind you, this is a card of driving forward: of fast changes, and the fearless pursuit of your destiny. This is not a card of following a path, but of forging a path ahead: driving forward where no one has gone before.

If last month was anything for you like it was for me, you’re probably ready for a bit of a break. Ok, a lot of a break. In February, these forceful energies behaved like a medieval army storming the castle: no barriers you have built in your life were going to stop it from breaking them down and rebuilding you so you are set right on destiny’s path. And the bigger those barriers honey, and the more ingrained those living habits that do not serve your highest purpose, the more intense the onslaught! It will have shown up in a very physical, hard-to-ignore fashion so you are forced to deal with the walls, and open yourself up to the skies.

In March, Movement energy offers you a softer ride, if you follow this rule: go where it’s easy. Follow the joy. As Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss”. Sounds easy, huh? It is, if you let it. Just don’t get sidetracked by “I ought to” or “do I deserve it?” That just starts building those walls right back up, and you’ve gone through enough to tear those down!

Movement energies this month will guide you straight to your ultimate happiness, but you have to feel your way in, not think your way in. Because it’s not what you think it is. If you pursue joy, something will break open, and inside of that something, you’re going to find a treasure you had no idea existed – one just for you. If you’d known about it, you would have been after it all along. You’ve put many different labels on it over the years, none of them close to the real gem that’s inside.

Just follow the good stuff. Go where it feels light, where you feel delight. Go where it lights your fire baby, even if it’s totally not where you think you want or ought to go.

This is where Movement energy really speeds up: now that those walls have been smashed to splintering smithereens.

With so much love,


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