May 2016 Spiritual Energies

Somewhere in my meditation, as I sank down, setting my intention to hear the message and understand the Spiritual Energies this month, a white rock found itself next to me. I picked it up, turned the rock over, and the Algiz rune stared back at me.

algiz-runeAlgiz is the rune of our link with the divine. It’s the rune of finally seeing and understanding this divine connection, trusting this divine connection, and receiving in our physical world via this divine connection. It’s not an action rune; in fact, action too soon once you grab hold of this divine link can cause problems for you spiritually. In Hinduism, this is when Kundalini energy is accessed and released too soon, and a person is unprepared for that kind of awesome energy influx. There’s a need to suspend and re-adjust when we rediscover this innate energy, this power, this connection to the divine.

I had picked up the Algiz stone with my left hand, and as I held it, stabbing pains shot through my right arm and right leg. The left side of the body is the receiving side. The right side is the projecting side. Since I was receiving the rune of divine connection in my left hand, the pain I felt in the right side of my body further clarified for me the need to suspend action: to rest in our projection.

So how does this divine connection show up for us? Sure, it can mean a grand spiritual re-awakening. It can mean that we have an opportunity to tap into Spirit in a much more fundamental and tangible way. It can also mean rediscovering your authentic self – that small child who knew nothing and knew everything about himself or herself. The one who understood that existence in this physical dimension was just plain fun, and the adventure of doing and creating a purpose was purely a compliment to being, not a replacement for being. Glimpsing this innate state of awe and adventure around life is a fundamental piece of the Algiz rune, that connection with the divine.

This is intense energy though. So intense, that only the babes among us can wield it with expertise. As we grow, our environment conditions us to be fearful, to be prejudice, to hold on so tightly to ideals and conditions that are a really weird construct of the society we live in. So, once we tap in again to the Algiz energy, we need to slow, to stop, and to adjust. Let the spiritual energy of Algiz this month wash over you for a minute. Allow more to be revealed. Let the facts and information your mind craves, and your fear lives on, to just be for a moment. Practice trusting, even if it’s moment by moment.

The glimpses of this energy you’ve received at the end of April and the beginning of May is exciting, and you likely want to hurry up and DO something with it so you don’t lose it. But I promise you: Algiz doesn’t work that way. In fact, Algiz is more likely to slip away from you if you try and mold this energy into a form you think will hold it. No form you can construct with your mind will hold Algiz. Algiz is a free, flowing energy that requires space and faith to work its magic.

However the energy of Algiz, that divine connection, is showing up for you this month: renewal of that child-like state, communication with the dead, visions, prophecy, guru, discovery of your purpose…however it’s here now, resist the urge to “make” it be “something”. Resist the urge to “do” something with this energy.   Let it run through you, swirl all around you, and spread out and touch everything you’ve built. That’s where the magic of Algiz really begins to take effect. Let it get its own hold on your spirit and your environment, and right action will become clear.

Do you feel it this month? How is the divine connection making itself clear to you?

So much love,


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