Mixing those thoughts and feelings

A message I get all the time for myself and for people I channel for is “feel your feelings completely.”

I think this can be a challenging piece of advice for a lot of us to swallow, because not one of us wants to end up in an icky, negative, wallowing place. We’ve all lived there, experienced the energetic consequences, seen the light, dug ourselves out of that trench, slapping the dirt from our hands with a vow never to go back.

But there is a key difference between feeling your feelings to move through them and gain everything you can from the experience, and wallowing in that negative place.

And the key difference is your thoughts.

This is not about what you’re thinking about your feelings. It’s about thinking about your feelings, period.

Your feelings simply are. They are an experience. The thoughts we ingratiate into our feelings attach meaning to the feelings, and that is what causes us pain, and pushes us back into the trench of wallowing and self pity.

But feeling your feelings entirely, with your breath, and resisting the urge to attach meaning to your feelings with your thoughts, is what Spirit means by feeling your feelings completely. When we attach meaning to our feelings, we’re moving away from the epicenter of that experience: whether we are justifying, blaming, second guessing, etc., etc.

And interestingly, this is true for both “bad” and “good” feelings.

I feel you, babe. You feel me? 

All my love,


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