Money Talk for Us Spiritual Types

I have a message for the shamans, healers, seers and spiritual teachers out there.

Reflect on this: when it comes to attracting everything you need for your spiritual expansion, doesn’t it come easily, with no stress? Signs and synchronicities abound. Structures are put into place to do your holy work. Teachers appear in front of you to show you the way. Students appear, ready to partake in your sharing.

But modern day shamans, healers, seers, and spiritual teachers have the damndest time with money, don’t we?


Is it because we have negative beliefs about money? Maybe, somewhat.

Is it because we feel like we don’t deserve to be paid for our services? Eh. Kinda here and there.

Is it because we believe people won’t pay? There’s that element too.

Is it because others believe we shouldn’t be paid for our services? Yes, somewhat. And I think we are each other’s worst enemies here.

Ok, good news now: here’s the message I received about the money connundrum with Spirit(ual) workers: it’s that we aren’t accustomed to bringing money into our sphere.

Here’s what you need to remember – literally, your DNA remembers this – thousands of years ago you never had to worry about money, trade, food, shelter, etc., because it was the privilege of the community to provide for your physical needs so you could continue to expand on your spirituality and connection to the divine.

Remember that? Aaah!

We’ve never worked with the physical needs piece. That was taken care of for us.

Now, reality check: those times are no more. We need to shift our habits, thoughts, and feelings around money and resources.

I’m told, all we really need to do to straighten this mess out, is put the money piece to work as part of our spiritual expansion.

This means that the way you create for your spiritual path, for your expansion, is the same way you’ll create for your physical needs and comfort.

It doesn’t mean get rich and ditch the rest.

But it does mean you get to have PLENTY. Whatever plenty means for you to be able to carry on with your mission without stress. That’s completely subjective. Remove the judgment, and please accept that this is another way Spirit would like to take care of you.

End of message.

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