‘Monster Attacks a City’ – poem request from Joey

I wasn’t asleep when it camemonster
Though I may as well have been.

It didn’t arrive suddenly:
No stomping buildings, gnashing teeth.

The Monster seeped in
While I was wide awake.

No shattered skyscrapers;
No buckled concrete.

It was a quiet kind of sinister:
Skittering inside the shadows.

No smoky explosions:
No flaming breath, deafening roars.

This Monster brushed it’s teeth.
Stretched it’s neck, straightened it’s tie.

I felt no trembling Earth
And heard no lusty roar.

While I lumbered through my morning
And sucked on bitter beans,

The Monster went quietly to work
And, haplessly, ruined your day.


My son wanted a poem about a monster attacking a city.  He was kind of disappointed with this one.

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